Electricity Governs The Brain And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It. It Is A Natural Law!

‘Blueprint For A Voluntary And Futuristic  Society’ , which still is in progress, will be a work elaborating on a set of guidelines to help make sense of the world’s confusion. Why scientific research and psychology have to progress according to specific natural principles to avoid the pitfall of profiting from conflicts of interest and to imprison the thinking mode.

What are these Principles? They’re forces simultaneously at play that humans cannot alter, therefore are they said immutable. There are 7 of them and which today are scientifically established as they identify and define the forces at play emanating from Electricity. The Electric Universe Theory is currently reshuffling Physics in a great way and is heavily documented on youtube. These principles also reveal Thought as a mechanism having electric properties because information circulates between neurons in the form of electricity.

Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain That Could Hint Our Consciousness is Directly Linked to Light!- January 21, 2018

Biophoton signal transmission and processing in the brain

Here below are their brief cognitive interpretations and why ‘caring’ about their influence is also ‘caring’ about planet and humanity. Blueprint… is thus a work helping reshape the mind patterns according to them.

1) The Mind generates everything: sets everything into motion. Holistic thinking thus starts with the awareness of the power of our thoughts and projections. Negatively it brings about ‘mind control’. Look at the world today. Controlling  perceptions is everything! We must RECLAIM our minds.

2) Life translated into motion: everything spins and vibrates. The spoken language is frequency, determines humans’ thinking as wavelengths and literally can spin out of control if there is a lack of access to data, all of which also determines agreements or lack thereof.

3) Life if subjected to rhythm: just as wavelengths,  what goes up must go down, what comes around goes around. Tide goes and in out and seasons repeat themselves, What is neglected or ignored comes back like a boomerang. It amplifies either negativeness or positiveness, exponentially.  Ever heard that history repeats itself?

4) Life sustains polarities at all levels, there is a negative dot in the positive and positive dot in the negative. Personal choices thus reflect on experiences, level of knowledge and therefore are all perceptions of any given moment. Hence the imperative need to remain centered at all time in order to avoid the pitfalls of any polarized (divide and conquer) arguments and an inner fragmentation generating confusion.

5) Everything is a mirror of something, and called correspondence, which exponentially amplifies polarity levels and the principle of rhythm, either positively or negatively. External dissonance mirrors internal dissonance, and otherwise.

6) Everything is the result of genders, masculine contains some feminine traits and otherwise. Humans have a left brain hemisphere (masculine) and a right brain hemisphere (feminine) and are thus prone to gender control by ‘group thinks’ defining norms. The control of the masses through sexuality.

7) Everything is cause and effect. Or Karma. In a nutshell, any train of thoughts not sustained nor validated by personal responsibility brings about upheavals and will exponentially strengthen either negativeness, or positiveness.

Be careful what you wish for!!! All these laws are  exponential of course and will follow the trends that the mind sends into motion: only non-coercive cooperativism will bring about a long lasting peace. The challenge ahead is tremendous! The main challenge of a money-free future thus lies in the ability to accept their pre-existence.

The word ‘metaphilosophy’ is preferred over ‘philosophy’ to distance itself from mainstream academia which hasn’t done anything to prevent our unprecedented crisis. Well, and nor did sciences. Both fields must be entirely reassessed. Very few thinkers have tackled the core issue, they remain an absolute minority. However, ‘metaphilosophy’ merely means beyond philosophy, the philosophy of philosophy. And as we can see today, the realistic assessment that any train of thought not condoning ‘Life First, it’s Wholeness and Oneness!’ is entirely validated by the daily planetary aggression, on a physical and psychic levels alike.

Electricity Governs The Brain And Our Left-Brain Society Is In DEEP Trouble | Part 2

How to defeat circular and linear thinking. caused by too much left brain activity?

The Electromagnetic Universe implies a  Duality between the positive and negative which makes it possible   for the current to flow and spread and sustain Life. That very  Duality is encoded in Nature, which is why Humans have a brain with two hemispheres. The Holistic Brain is characterized by  an harmonious interaction between the two sides.  The brain doesn’t create Consciousness because Consciousness  exists outside the brain. The brain is the ‘device’ to connect with  It. Any neuroscience research discarding Consciousness regards  the brain a mere computer, and while it may be true to some   extend, this stance is nonetheless a flawed programming  denying the existence of a Greater Reality. But scientists are  encountering more challenges as they have recognized that  ‘quantum theories’ are the speculative and metaphysical foundations of Consciousness

Moreover, it isn’t much important to be ‘all knowing’ but have the ability to holistically decipher emotions through the encoding of the 7 Principles, or Natural Laws, into brain patterns (see link at the bottom). Unfortunately, when a society is as much out of balanced and thus overpolarized as ours, the communication between the two hemispheres is deprived from its efficiency.  The most obvious and recurrent left brain pattern is characterized by the militarization of societies and which thus dictates the notion of family values and Freedom in the broad sense.  As a matter of fact, as long as war continues to exist, society will remain dreadfully imbalanced.

The core issue with Feminism is that it subtly or more blatantly glorifies female domination, exploiting the male components in women at their own detriment, and which men perceived as too confrontational. But since men have always been trapped by left brained views themselves, they cannot correct what it is. At this pace and if we carefully and objectively analyze relationships around us, most of them project an ever increasing Fear of Being.   Pornography is another left-brain phenomenon that should be ‘consumed’ with the appropriate awareness as it induces the   idea that bodies as mere objects and orgasm machines disconnecting from the Self.

Consenting adults are absolutely free to express their Sexuality the way they wish, as long as they engage in it consciously. It is the level of Awareness that defines as to whether a behavior is going to harm or enhance one’s life. And so far, Left Brained politics have coerced for much too long people’s feelings, sexual orientation and family values alike – all of which eroding Free Will.


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