The 2012 Cambridge Declaration on Animal Consciousness

What we do to Nature we also do it to ourselves.

For many scientists, the resonant mystery is no longer which animals are conscious, but which are not (, Feb 2019)

It definitely seems like a solid case for veganism and vegetarianism we have here. The article is very long and an enjoyable read, but if you are more into materials going straight to the point, you might turn impatient as the latter is formulated in a way to make forget that such a knowledge has been concealed for quite some time… millennia in this case. The writer also chooses to describe his journey among Jains and their strick ascetic lifestyle but most spiritual beliefs recommend frugal diets and vegetarianism however. It makes lots of sense considering society’s over-eating habits and obesity being so widespread . The author also endorses ‘natural selection’, which is now debunked by a thousand scientists.

Nonetheless the Truth is getting out, and when a paradigm begins to crumble down, the new one emerges from of its cracks, just like a butterfly sliding out of its chrysalis. Interestingly, a comment left by another reader goes along with our views: the essay stumbles over a problem that should be obvious, but none of us want to admit: ‘consciousness’ is merely a secular term for ‘soul’. It should be obvious just from the statements in the essay.

Academia is going through a rude awakening and the crisis will be truly unprecedented this time.

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness contends in 2012 — yes, 7 years ago — that Animals are conscious and should be treated as such. Now that scientists have belatedly declared that mammals, birds and many other animals are conscious, it is time for society to act (newscientist)

Did you hear anything about this in MSM by any chance since 2012? Of course not! The next technocratic threat is way more important to keep the planet in a state of fear.

Let’s be clear, this Knowledge is as old as mankind and as much as the spiritual concept of the One. That Reality represents God as His Creation, and otherwise. So all life is by definition conscious. It essentially is the foundation of Pantheism.

Pantheism is the belief that reality is identical with divinity,[1] or that all-things compose an all-encompassing, immanent god. Pantheistic concepts date back thousands of years, and pantheistic elements have been identified in various religious traditions. Pantheism was popularized in Western culture as a theology and philosophy based on the work of the 17th-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza, particularly his book Ethics.[7] A pantheistic stance was also taken in the 16th century by philosopher and cosmologist Giordano Bruno.[WIKIPEDIA]

Here again, we can see the attempts of science to keep the topic in a separate compartment, even when supported by a cosmologist at the time, as this quote above shows.

So the strict bottom line is the only thing that should only matter is: why did it take so long for such facts to be absorbed and mastered by the Consensus?

We’ve delayed centuries worth of research that would have propelled our society on the path of peace and abundance. Yes, because as soon as one grasps the implication that Life IS Consciouness, waging wars, torturing animals and pillaging Nature for profits become associated with pure folly and self-annihilation.

What we do to Nature we do to ourselves. Factory farms will not end with a whisper but a bang as the more and more people realize the horrors behind mass meat production. Behind every ecocide and chronic disease in humans, there is a bad scientific forumula. Pretty hard to deny these days with all the data available on the internet. Why has science become the nemesis of Mankind since the early Middle Ages?

This is a very important question because if we really look into it, we must admit that academia has to be rebuilt from scratch. We must let go centuries of data that have created all sorts of paradoxes — intellectual, economic and also psychological — which are taking our civilization down. We cannot fix the system, because it is deeply flawed. That’s the point we are at.

Even after Darwin demonstrated our kinship with animals, many scientists believed that the evolution of consciousness was a recent event. They thought the first mind sparked awake sometime after we split from chimps and bonobos. (

As a gentle reminder, our previous blog titled “Over 1000 ‘Scientists’ Sign “Dissent From Darwinism”, is exposing the schism currently tearing academia apart. This is huge, folks. The MSM is trying to hide this growing and irreversible trend but luckily we, at Earth Custodians, are taking notice.

You might also wish to read this quite compelling piece while you are at it: Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness

Why A Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality

On Biocentrism, Plato, Geometry… and the end of Science as we know it

This blog is the continuation of Manifesto for Post-Materialistic Science, and dedicated to the promotion of a much needed paradigm shift as “atheistic science” lies at the core of our beyond staggering planetary pollution and the plunder of natural resources. Man is not above nature, and the duty of science is to teach humility. Time has come for science to reassess itself and begin to work for Mankind’s greater good. To abandon materialistic pursuits.

Science is faced with a terrifying dilemma of its own making, and which arises from the fact that it embraced atheism in the wake of an era that persecuted Alchemists. Transmuting lead into gold is above all a metaphor!

Alchemy is differentiated from profane chemistry by metaphysics. By an order of consciousness that is beyond the senses, which leads to the initiatic transmutation of the human consciousness. (

The mainstream paradigm leaves a lot to be desired. Up to this day science still can’t explain the fundamentals of our Universe, and the vast majority of scientists will just stick to explanations deriving from what is directly observable and whatever hypothesis supporting any materialistic type of logic.

So if we believe the latter: the Universe suddently popped out of nothing and we have to accept this theory uncritically as the academia obviously sees nothing wrong with it.

Why a Mental Universe Is the “Real” Reality … Instead, the universe is the expression of a universal mind that transcends personal awareness… — 2016 HuffingtonPost

The field of science is so dogmatic that anybody in a position to seriously challenge the academic thought can often kiss his career goodbye, or in the lesser case run the risk to be branded a pseudo-scientist. Luckily there is a growing awareness in the field, led by well known Deepak Chopra, Bruce Lipton, Robert Lanza and Ruppert Sheldrake, and several others supporting the Manifesto for A Post Materialistic Science. These scientists do not work directly for the “academic lobby” but earn a living with their books and lectures around the world, helping raise awareness and expose atheistic science as a misguiding — and deceptive — framework .

Yet we have to believe the big bang theory — and take it at face value — which is no explanation at all. The fact is that it is only when we accept that Consciousness is the foundation of Matter that we begin to see “patterns” everywhere, such as the geometrical dance of planets, which is the absolute evidence of the Intelligent Intent of Consciousness:

Fantastic dance of the planets around the Sun — video

As a matter of fact, Plato and Pythagoras are considered the fathers of Sacred Geometry, which demonstrates that the micro and macro are alike in their shape, and the correlation between the eliptic motion of the cells around an atom and the motion of planets. The Principle of Correspodence in other words. Anybody pondering such Celestial Geometry will have to conclude that any celestial body is where it must be. The “sacred geometrical code” proves it beyond doubt. Otherwise the Geometry would not show any symmetry at all!

Nevermind that is also exactly why the academia went after “astrology” centuries ago, and which was back then a study more focused on the analysis celestial events as it was already known that everything happens in cycles in the cosmic order. The Law of Rhythm as defined by the Hermeticists. Just as the four seasons on Earth, each marking the different rhythm of Life. There too exist such seasons operating throughout the Cosmos to allow the cycles of life and death to unflod. Ancient civilizations, such as the Mayans, Egyptians and Sumerians revered astrology. Christianity is often represented by a fish, but the real meaning here is the Age Of Pisces. The constellation of Pisces.

Nobel physicist John Wheeler once said: no phenomenon is a real phenomenon until it is an observed phenomenon

The quote above really highlights the limitations of atheistic science, and why it is about time to shift gear. Although knowing everything is impossible, working on the right premises comprising the undestranding of the whole as opposed to that of the obsever only has caused mega paradoxes that mainstream scientific knowledge cannot resolve.

Time to thrown in the towel, and begin to venture the unthinkable!

As Robert Lanza states: there is only one visual reality that exists, and that’s the one requiring Consciousness in order to manifest. This should remind us of the double-slit experiement. There is anorher way to look at it: that consciousness exists, whether there is an observer or not.

To paraphrase Lanza: Einstein is completely wrong when stating that nothing can interfer with anything faster than the speed of light. Rather the entities are floating in a field of mind as biocentrism would maintain that is not limited by this external space-time that Einstein was fond of.

Lecture series on Biocentrism by Robert Lanza on Youtube: Rethinking Our Insanely Improbable Universe

Let’s Face It: The Consensus Teaches To Be Wanted

Human empathy is on life support. Loneliness is the new silent epidemic!

If we are serious about changing society, we must become aware of its various Consensuses: we are being conditioned to fit a model that isn’t especially set to reward genuine orginality. Yet those succeeding are hailed as extraordinary talents or entrepreneurs. But can you name one single industry, traded on the stock exchanges, that does not harm our planet, one way or another, as you read this?

The painful reality is that the Consensus wants conformity to be the norm, to prevent a majority from thinking outside the box. The institutionalization of “desire” makes people believe that they are happy machines of consumption, that working and spending are their prerogative.

The Consensus doesn’t teach to be loved nor love but its opposite: to be wanted and want

Today most relationships express themselves in the form of a trade and here is the evidence: astonishigly close to 50% of Americans deal with loneliness, and this despite the high traffic on social media. Why? because market forcesare behind the staggering loss of the sense of belonging and empathy. Without the sense of belonging and empathy, social inclusion remains elusive, and loneliness inexorably ensues. To want does not equate to love — and never will. Social media have been very astute at making believe the opposite. The health costs associated with loneliness are projected to amount to $900 billion in the US in 2019. Two years ago ran a piece titled: “Why Loneliness Affects So Many Young People , and whose conclusion is pretty clear: society is not headed in the right direction. We are on the same path as which of the Titanic!

The Consensus doesn’t teach as how to love our selves but instead sustains the pattern of cultivating sexual fixations and all sorts of fetish. The ego is highly responsive to the hyper-sexualization of genders. Even children are no longer allowed be kids as they already are exposed to “gender fludity” at the age of two or three. The Consensus is stealing their childhood.

The worship of materialism has made society superficial to the point that the general awareness doesn’t see that Humanity is, in fact, a body. The Consensus doesn’t teach to care about humanity but ambition at whatever costs, regardless of the pain and the loneliness of others. Here is a striking example among others: according to ecowatch and many other orgs, Fast Fashion is the 2nd largest polluter but that doesn’t prevent H&M and the like to flood us with their unrecyclable fabrics while paying its laborers 50 cents per hour.

Maybe is it about time to seriouly rethink our competition model to ressuscitate empathy. What do you think?

Manifesto for Post-Materialistic Science

Why Are Consciousness Studies The Cutting Edges Of Scientific Research?


Major advances in science — revolutions, even — follow the collapse of outworn paradigms, whose overthrow is forced by the accumulation of empirical evidence that violates the paradigm.”–Dave Pruett, Former NASA researcher; Emeritus Professor of Mathematics, James Madison University.

For the last four hundred years, an unstated assumption of science is that human intention cannot affect what we call ‘physical reality.’ Our experimental research of the past decade shows that, for today’s world and under the right conditions, this assumption is no longer correct. We humans are much more than we think we are and Psychoenergetic Science continues to expand the proof of it.” — Dr. Bill Tiller

Why Are Consciousness Studies The Cutting Edges Of Scientific Research?

There actually are two types of research: neuroscience, which is siding with biotech and A.I, two fields that seek to bypass or control consciousness using algorithms…. then we have genuine scientific research working on non-physical phenomena with the aim to increase human awareness and psychic abilities.

Biotech and AI want to stay ahead of the curve but it remains to be seen as if they will be able to “contain” the inevitable upcoming shift in consciousness. They are working very hard to understand all the aspects of Consciousness, not to enhance our senses but to imprison them into machines. A future blog will expound on “technological immortality”, so stay tuned!

When Consciousness is thrown into the equation, binary becomes trinary, a dimension leading to human sovereignty and voluntaryism irrevocably.

It is not far fetched, really. This really makes a lot of sense, because the more neuroscientists know about consciousness, the more technology seeks to control society. The internet of Things, IoT, comes to mind: all these smart appliances and gadgets are eroding privacy and turning people into available data sold to Google and the like. Many people accept to be monitored regardless of the risk because technology gives the impression to simplify the complexity of Life . There lies the trap of our cyber society.

Positive news abound though. As you can see here below, the biotech paradigm is more fragile than we think. Many genuine scientists are embracing what was inconceivable a few decades ago. Don’t you find surprising that there is so much going on, and which we obviously hear so little about? We hear so much more about AI than the unlimited psychic human potential…. Why do you guess?

The consensus would like us to believe that AI is inevitable, but this blog begs to differ. Life is multidimensional and so much more fascinating when remaining a human being aware of one’s potential and destiny.

So please help make the ‘Manifesto’ viral… thank you!

Manifesto for Post-Materialistic Science (4 pages)

“The shift from materialistic science to post-materialistic science may be of vital importance to the evolution of human civilization. It may be even more pivotal than the transition from geocentrism to heliocentrism.” — A Manifesto for Post-Materialistic Science (

Over 1000 ‘Scientists’ Sign “Dissent From Darwinism”

  They have all risked their careers or reputations in signing!, February 11 2019 | There are 1,043 scientists on the ‘A Scientific Dissent from Darwinism’ list. It passed the 1,000 mark this month,” said Sarah Chaffee, a program officer for the Discovery Institute, which maintains the list on

This is a milestone and we can expect the number of dissenters to ever increase. Darwnin has never made sense anyway. “Random mutation” is like asking a magician to pull a rabbit out of his hat. How convenient, “random mutation” just fits any tricky situation that cannot be explained by atheistic science itself.

The atheistic paradigm has been stretched to the maximum and now showing deep cracks all over. Paradigms are usually threatened when new data begins to point to the illusion of whatever dogmatic consensuses, which society reveres as a way to control the flow of knowledge — and keep scientists in the line. We also ougt to question academia when such a huge fallacy has been taught as the gospels, for almost a century. The damages done to biology are beyond belief!

The staggering truth is out there now: there has never been any “random mutation” but only molecular biology regulated by Consciousness and Light.

Those who sign it “must either hold a Ph.D. in a scientific field such as biology, chemistry, mathematics, engineering, computer science, or one of the other natural sciences; or they must hold an M.D. and serve as a professor of medicine,” according to the institute.

One does not need a college degree in science to understand that “random mutation” has to be put to rest for good as Epigenetics has proven the irrationality of darwinism beyond doubt. And from there we can also project that no big step in science will be achieved as long as scientists do not cooperate with the Laws of Nature, dictated by Epigenetics, and Physics as Electricity is what holds the cosmos together.

According to Discovery Institute Senior Fellow David Klinghoffer, the signers “have all risked their careers or reputations in signing.”

Such a pervasive fear to displease and challenge academia tells a lot about the scientific lobby itself, it obviously has never been open to originality nor creative thinking. Instead any new data must always validate the core theory within its dogmatic parameters, otherwise the data is simply dismissed. Science operates for profits and thus needs “safe values”, hence dogmas must be invented. But since the Unknown drives all Knowledge, we obviously have a serious paradox to deal with.

“I think more scientists are realizing the limitations to Darwinism, specifically in regard to the origin of life and the complexity of the cell. So much of how cells actually work reveal how impossible it is that life arose from mutation and natural selection. As we have learned more and more about molecular and cellular biology, more scientists doubt Darwinism although they may not admit it for fear of repercussions,” Dewitt told The Fix in an email interview…. (read full article, )

Let’s face it, academia is holding scientists hostages. And the fact is that so many scientists are disappointed by the prospects of their career (no room for innovation nor autenthic creativity) that they end up working for a paycheck as opposed to a greater good. As a result science as a whole, has become a field that needs to be entirely reassessed.

We cannot trust any findings obtained by peer pressure. And wait, it’s where things get way worst. In 2016, headline in the magazine Nature read: 40% Scientists Say Fraud Causing Crisis of Science — Can Science Be Saved?

There is a disaster waiting to happen that will strike the scientific monolith at some point — and sooner than we think…. this is the end of scientific atheism, and we’d better fasten our seat belts!

Physics professor tells students scientific evidence points to a ‘designer’

Conclusion: Science without philosophy and metaphysics can no longer be. And the merging of these 3 fields is now just a matter of time. There is nothing else left to do but to embrace the “Manifesto for Post-Materialistic Science

Scientists Discover Mysterious And Jaw-Dropping Brain Mechanism

Scientists suddenly witness the reality that metaphysics is no pseudoscience.

If you have been following our blog for quite a while, you have to be aware that we support the Electric Universe Theory.

The release of this “jaw-dropping moment” is just adding more value to the stance that the E-U (electric universe) is the right path to follow. This also implies that it only is a matter of time for the Big Bang, Gravity, Relativity and Anti-Matter theories to be abandoned. They will be let go quietly and without a fanfare.

To understand why “science as we know it” is on its deathbed, one has to comprehend the work of physicists making the case for a Mental Universe and Biocentrism— 2016 HuffingtonPost

In fact, this is nothing new at all. In the Antiquity, already they knew that the universe was fractal. As much as the atom is a miniature of the galaxy, and that our synapses and the cosmos share the same chharctericstic as they are connected by electric fields. (Biophotons in the Brain). Even the word “esotericism” is about to become obsolete as such stances are definitely confirmed by modern physics.

What we regard as “esoteric” today will become a rational fact tomorrow. All speculations derive from the imagination connected to a Cosmic Field.

It is, however, kind of fascinating to see how hard the mainstream tries to distance itself from what it perceives as pseudoscience while being commanded by the Unknown and its own laws.

And this brings us back to the assertion that the Universe is Intelligent. Our thinking just happens to follow the trail of Knowledge embedded in the fabric of the universe.

‘Jaw-dropping moment’: Scientists discover mysterious new communication mechanism in the brain —RT.COM Feb 2019

Despite major scientific breakthroughs, the brain largely remains a mystery, and the team from Case Western Reserve University have added to it with their latest paper on a self-propagating ‘wireless’ communication they encountered that can jump across different sections of the brain.

Neuroscientists know much less than we think about the brain, but they hope to bypass the obstacles with brain implants in order to command essential neural functions. They seek to handle the brain, like a switch, so that it will remain a mere mechanical device subjected to algrorithms.

Elon Musk is absolutely right when stating that AI is the greatest threat ever, he just won’t delve into the matter too much. Even with a brain interface, it is extremely likely that AI will still be in control.

This slow periodic activity can generate electric fields which ‘switch on’ neighboring cells briefly, allowing for chemical-free communication across gaps in the brain. The team managed to simulate communication across completely severed brain tissue while the separate pieces remained in close proximity…. “It was a jaw-dropping moment for us and for every scientist we told about this so far.” (RT.COM)

Let’s rephrase that: scientists witnessed the metaphysical component of electricity and how it interacts with brain cells— and they remained speechless for a moment. Scientists were suddenly confronted with the reality that metaphysics is no pseudoscience.

Indeed, it had to be a jaw-dropping moment!

Surprising Benefits of Semen Retention

Men and women’s bodies are of a multi-orgasmic nature!

There is quite a lot of controversy these days regarding the benefits of frequent ejaculation vs. semen retention for men. (

Society is goal oriented when it comes down to sexuality, and this means that the “orgasm production” is paramount according to our mainstream criteria. One of the main reasons as why porn is a 100 billion dollar thriving industry. Though there is a downside, a steep downside, as time eventually tames sexual appeal. When the fantasy fades away. And quite often this may encourage cheating, promiscuity, if the intellectual bound isn’t strong enough. Bodies are traded (this for that) exposing lust as a material envy. Over time partners view one another as less desirable, also because mates or lovers begin to reveal each other’s flaws. Sexual passion is commonly draining because society teaches that to have a commitment, lovers must be a good sexual match to start with. But too often tensions arise in a relationship because the woman doesn’t really like “having sex” but expects “real love making”. The conscious element in sexuality is merely absent. X-rated movies are so misguiding in that sense.

So what is the altermative?

A real bound is not generated by “sexual action” but the mind. The upside of “semen retention” is that it allows men to master their physical reactions and choose quality over quantity. Sexual energy flow is used for a lasting and sensual seduction as intercourse is regarded as a moment of cosmic celebration. There is no rush to get “there” and bodies move at their own rhythm. Such a man knows that any woman is as multi-orgasmic as he is. As a matter of fact, “semen retention” brings about the end of the conflict between genders since a woman who is sexually fulfilled becomes much less possessive, and that means much less drama — if no more drama at all.

Semen retention improves your sex life.

For men, ejaculation and orgasm are two different things. Mastering “semen retention” helps achieve have full-body, multiple orgasms, with each one rolling into the next. It has even been reported that such orgasms can last several minutes for the man. With the right partner, such men can really develop a unique and faithful bound.

Serial monogamy is a widespread template. People move from a monogamous relationship to the next, and generally without too much questioning themselves. Even though many people would agree that sexuality is important, dysfynctional sexual relationships abound, mainly because they cannot express their own cosmic bound. The average time frame of an intercouse is between 5 and 15 minutes, and this means that many people aren’t happy about their sex lives at all. Fast sex, although exciting will appear disappointing in the long run.

Sexual gratification usually takes longer for a woman to achieve, so women need men who can wait for them to be ready. There lies the advantage to practice “semen retention”.

Nature is very clever: once in the bedroom, it is the man who has to dedicated himself to a woman’s needs, so that he can surrender himself to his own multi-orgasmic nature!

Long story short, men and women alike are multi-orgasmic and this is a secret well hidden, which we are not taught in our goal oriented society. Emotional happiness is found by learning about one’s body and overcoming one’s urges.

RECOMMENDATED BOOKS: Mantak Chia Taoist Secrets Of Love Cultivating Male Sexual Energy — and — Healing Love through the Tao: Cultivating Female Sexual Energy By Mantak Chia






Electricity Governs The Brain And There Is Nothing You Can Do About It. It Is A Natural Law!

‘Blueprint For A Voluntary And Futuristic  Society’ , which still is in progress, will be a work elaborating on a set of guidelines to help make sense of the world’s confusion. Why scientific research and psychology have to progress according to specific natural principles to avoid the pitfall of profiting from conflicts of interest and to imprison the thinking mode.

What are these Principles? They’re forces simultaneously at play that humans cannot alter, therefore are they said immutable. There are 7 of them and which today are scientifically established as they identify and define the forces at play emanating from Electricity. The Electric Universe Theory is currently reshuffling Physics in a great way and is heavily documented on youtube. These principles also reveal Thought as a mechanism having electric properties because information circulates between neurons in the form of electricity.

Scientists Discover Biophotons In The Brain That Could Hint Our Consciousness is Directly Linked to Light!- January 21, 2018

Biophoton signal transmission and processing in the brain

Here below are their brief cognitive interpretations and why ‘caring’ about their influence is also ‘caring’ about planet and humanity. Blueprint… is thus a work helping reshape the mind patterns according to them.

1) The Mind generates everything: sets everything into motion. Holistic thinking thus starts with the awareness of the power of our thoughts and projections. Negatively it brings about ‘mind control’. Look at the world today. Controlling  perceptions is everything! We must RECLAIM our minds.

2) Life translated into motion: everything spins and vibrates. The spoken language is frequency, determines humans’ thinking as wavelengths and literally can spin out of control if there is a lack of access to data, all of which also determines agreements or lack thereof.

3) Life if subjected to rhythm: just as wavelengths,  what goes up must go down, what comes around goes around. Tide goes and in out and seasons repeat themselves, What is neglected or ignored comes back like a boomerang. It amplifies either negativeness or positiveness, exponentially.  Ever heard that history repeats itself?

4) Life sustains polarities at all levels, there is a negative dot in the positive and positive dot in the negative. Personal choices thus reflect on experiences, level of knowledge and therefore are all perceptions of any given moment. Hence the imperative need to remain centered at all time in order to avoid the pitfalls of any polarized (divide and conquer) arguments and an inner fragmentation generating confusion.

5) Everything is a mirror of something, and called correspondence, which exponentially amplifies polarity levels and the principle of rhythm, either positively or negatively. External dissonance mirrors internal dissonance, and otherwise.

6) Everything is the result of genders, masculine contains some feminine traits and otherwise. Humans have a left brain hemisphere (masculine) and a right brain hemisphere (feminine) and are thus prone to gender control by ‘group thinks’ defining norms. The control of the masses through sexuality.

7) Everything is cause and effect. Or Karma. In a nutshell, any train of thoughts not sustained nor validated by personal responsibility brings about upheavals and will exponentially strengthen either negativeness, or positiveness.

Be careful what you wish for!!! All these laws are  exponential of course and will follow the trends that the mind sends into motion: only non-coercive cooperativism will bring about a long lasting peace. The challenge ahead is tremendous! The main challenge of a money-free future thus lies in the ability to accept their pre-existence.

The word ‘metaphilosophy’ is preferred over ‘philosophy’ to distance itself from mainstream academia which hasn’t done anything to prevent our unprecedented crisis. Well, and nor did sciences. Both fields must be entirely reassessed. Very few thinkers have tackled the core issue, they remain an absolute minority. However, ‘metaphilosophy’ merely means beyond philosophy, the philosophy of philosophy. And as we can see today, the realistic assessment that any train of thought not condoning ‘Life First, it’s Wholeness and Oneness!’ is entirely validated by the daily planetary aggression, on a physical and psychic levels alike.

Electricity Governs The Brain And Our Left-Brain Society Is In DEEP Trouble | Part 2

How to defeat circular and linear thinking. caused by too much left brain activity?

The Electromagnetic Universe implies a  Duality between the positive and negative which makes it possible   for the current to flow and spread and sustain Life. That very  Duality is encoded in Nature, which is why Humans have a brain with two hemispheres. The Holistic Brain is characterized by  an harmonious interaction between the two sides.  The brain doesn’t create Consciousness because Consciousness  exists outside the brain. The brain is the ‘device’ to connect with  It. Any neuroscience research discarding Consciousness regards  the brain a mere computer, and while it may be true to some   extend, this stance is nonetheless a flawed programming  denying the existence of a Greater Reality. But scientists are  encountering more challenges as they have recognized that  ‘quantum theories’ are the speculative and metaphysical foundations of Consciousness

Moreover, it isn’t much important to be ‘all knowing’ but have the ability to holistically decipher emotions through the encoding of the 7 Principles, or Natural Laws, into brain patterns (see link at the bottom). Unfortunately, when a society is as much out of balanced and thus overpolarized as ours, the communication between the two hemispheres is deprived from its efficiency.  The most obvious and recurrent left brain pattern is characterized by the militarization of societies and which thus dictates the notion of family values and Freedom in the broad sense.  As a matter of fact, as long as war continues to exist, society will remain dreadfully imbalanced.

The core issue with Feminism is that it subtly or more blatantly glorifies female domination, exploiting the male components in women at their own detriment, and which men perceived as too confrontational. But since men have always been trapped by left brained views themselves, they cannot correct what it is. At this pace and if we carefully and objectively analyze relationships around us, most of them project an ever increasing Fear of Being.   Pornography is another left-brain phenomenon that should be ‘consumed’ with the appropriate awareness as it induces the   idea that bodies as mere objects and orgasm machines disconnecting from the Self.

Consenting adults are absolutely free to express their Sexuality the way they wish, as long as they engage in it consciously. It is the level of Awareness that defines as to whether a behavior is going to harm or enhance one’s life. And so far, Left Brained politics have coerced for much too long people’s feelings, sexual orientation and family values alike – all of which eroding Free Will.


The Paradox Of Sexuality: Force vs Power

Every pair must become one in order to again become two.  Men and women do not escape this two-way reciprocatve  law. Each becomes what the other is. Both are always compromising each other’s unbalance. If the two unbalances are equal and opposite, each  type will survive and grow mentally, spiritually and physically. If the two unbalanced mates  are unequal in their opposition, the penalty is degeneration –  mentally, spiritually and physically. The quality of one mate is a compromise with the quality of the other —  Walter Russell

Today the number of people consulting shrinks is absolutely staggering, and even though all couch-therapies lead to the sensitive examination of emotions and Sexuality, therapists have a little understanding – if none at all – of what is going on on a cosmic dimension and whose effects are directly observable as its Prime Cause is ‘Electricity’, without which the Universe wouldn’t hold together. Being also the Blood of the Universe, Electricity rules over every existing atom, including the very Field of the Mind as neurons electrically process emotions in a fashion that is therefore dual by nature.

A disharmony in thought processing instills a lack of critical awareness. Such a brain is of course a lot more prone to be influenced as it has to cope with the same polarization mirrored by the environment back to it. A balanced brain is characterized by its flexibility to weigh downsides and upsides in any train of thought as nothing is neither entirely true nor false. Too much optimism often blinds one and too much negativity often initiates a radical change for the better. The philosophical issue at stake here is the following: Do we really need to go through states of blindness and radical changes? Since our physical reality implies that perfection doesn’t exists, the focus on limiting as much as possible their occurrence should remain a priority at all time as it would make us happier as a result.

Relationships are an extension of the Self. Emotions are holographic. Crises happen when the thinking sticks to old or rigid paradigms preventing Awareness from expanding, causing not only collective but individual history to repeat themselves. Consequences are often quite harmful. By adaptation to change it is meant coming to term with what it is that cannot be changed or finding a compromise. So when a Mind continually seeks and welcomes new approaches, it can rightfully be assumed that such a Mind is in a state of Self-Love, and of course has more Free Will. After all, the only Free Will that exists is the willingness to notice or not. Being humans also implies that perfection cannot be attained but knowing about such Mechanisms, greatly improves the quality of our perceptions of the Whole and is thus enhancing inner and world peace.

Most people in a romantic relationship do not achieve Self-Love but rather seek a confirmation of their own subjective reality whereas Self-Love is an objective state of being continually challenged by deeply polarized social frameworks. As a matter of fact, until age six or seven, children record everything they hear and see as if in hypnosis mode. Our reward based system is a program. The latter too often determines the later life and makes Self-Love appear as a fantasy steadily eroding a relationship. The lack of Objective Self Image eventually leads to the realization that Lovers appear different over time from who they were in the beginning – but in the process they will gain insight about their polarized selves and be given the opportunity to change if they want to.

In order to avoid the Lust and bondage entanglement, relationships cannot be approached with the gullibility found in movie cliches associating Sex with a miraculous band-aid formula. As a matter of fact, the more Lust at the beginning of a relationship, the more abrupt will the awakening be to the fact that it isn’t. This because Sexuality is a paradox onto itself. A Force and Power at once. With Sexuality comes easily the idea to possess one another. To remain a Force and lead to expansion, its Metaphysics must be comprehended. There is no such a thing such as an innocent little fun, unless expectations are stated clearly from the very beginning, before the first intercourse.

Booms and Busts Of Sex Lives And Why You Were Not Told This!

Most people start a therapy because of their sex lives, often after a break up, because they were never told that sexuality is sacred and have confused lust with love. Lust is a power game and the game will last while it can…

Lust is about power, think about it. And who says power, says FEAR and TAKING.   When the side effects of Lust begin to fade, the ‘intercourse blackmail’ becomes apparent and emotional roller coasters often ensue. Anything is tried to get the ‘fix’ back to square one, and very often at this stage, many will engage in some typical rejection-attraction behavior as a last hope. Such a pattern is nerve racking. Unavoidably Lust is cursed to go bust, more or less rapidly and painfully depending on the realization of what is going on and the understanding that lusty passion is a double edged sword.

As a matter of fact, many fail to comprehend what is occurring and will therefore opt to add another layer of confusion by projecting their frustrations bringing about the worse character’s traits in those involved, instead of taking responsibility and beginning to probe why the inner Fear of Being took over. However, at this stage, it is often difficult to reverse the trend, unless awareness replaces resentment and sorrow. The patterns described in this paragraph highlight the dilemma of all relationships as Sexuality is metaphysically the most powerful Force in the Universe ruled by the Absoluteness of the Oneness Principle which manifests Itself in the form of an orgasm symbolizing the Force of Creation  .

Bondage is the mere continuation of Lust going bust when not acted upon it. When one has become addicted to the ups and downs of sexual and emotional drama at the risk to lose one’ self. With bondage comes also the Fear to walk away as the loss of self-confidence erodes the willingness to restart from scratch. When the bondage is severe enough, the relationship may become sexless.

Excerpt of The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality (, the forum is still quiet but feel free to sign up)

The Paradox Of Sexuality: Self-Love Versus Hedonism


The topic of sexual Liberty is a very daunting one as each individual has his own definition about it. To sort this fractal-like equation out we ought first to ask: what is Liberty to start with? A complex question with a simple answer: Liberty is symbolized by non-coercive actions occurring between people. But since there must be a resistance for Self Awareness to expand, coercion does exist within, in the motion of the Fear of Being. The less Fear of Being, the more Liberty – or Freedom – and not only sexually but in the broad sense. To objectively know one’ Self has to remain a primary drive at all time otherwise any experience will just reawake the same dilemmas and as it often is the case, even exacerbate them. It is quite common, however, to engage in some hedonistic pursuit for a while then all of a sudden, and no matter how pleasurable the latter is, run into an dilemma demanding to requestion the very experience. This happens when Self Awareness can no longer expand due to the depletion of the inner energy flow, causing a Synchronicity Collapse, which is often perceived as the consequence of other external factors. Everything happens for a reason. Too much positive leads to its opposite – and otherwise.  That is precisely why religious dogmas vilify sexual Liberty but also foresee the possible awakening to full Awareness through  Sexuality as an even bigger menace.

These days, Hedonism seems to be everywhere because Sex always sells, and thus has fallen prey to the Left-Brained society we live in. Despite the so many ‘circles’ offering pleasure, there isn’t much Hedonism in this economic landscape but the opportunity to access a quick boost to cope with the daily routine, though one may encounter a few real Hedonists hanging out at those happenings.  Too often pairs of lovers or spouses mainly choose Hedonism because they either seek to spice up their fading intimacy (relationship could be at stake) or consider the move as authorized cheating to secure the future. If there is any materialistic aim, such as regarding Sex as an investment tool, Hedonism is not going to be fulfilling but rather used as an escape from the Fear Of Being.

Although Sexuality’s primary drive is to learn about Fear and master Self-Love, Hedonism is a path highlighting this even more. The fact is that the quest for Self-Love allows to overcome the temptation to use Sexuality as a power tool and/or be dominated by it.  The only upside is that monetized hedonistic circles   do exist to show why the mainstream attitude towards Sex has to break through its own paradigm — in order to end the monetization of Sex.

Excerpt of The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality (, the forum is still quiet but feel free to sign up)