The Paradox Of Sexuality: Force vs Power

Every pair must become one in order to again become two.  Men and women do not escape this two-way reciprocatve  law. Each becomes what the other is. Both are always compromising each other’s unbalance. If the two unbalances are equal and opposite, each  type will survive and grow mentally, spiritually and physically. If the two unbalanced mates  are unequal in their opposition, the penalty is degeneration –  mentally, spiritually and physically. The quality of one mate is a compromise with the quality of the other —  Walter Russell

Today the number of people consulting shrinks is absolutely staggering, and even though all couch-therapies lead to the sensitive examination of emotions and Sexuality, therapists have a little understanding – if none at all – of what is going on on a cosmic dimension and whose effects are directly observable as its Prime Cause is ‘Electricity’, without which the Universe wouldn’t hold together. Being also the Blood of the Universe, Electricity rules over every existing atom, including the very Field of the Mind as neurons electrically process emotions in a fashion that is therefore dual by nature.

A disharmony in thought processing instills a lack of critical awareness. Such a brain is of course a lot more prone to be influenced as it has to cope with the same polarization mirrored by the environment back to it. A balanced brain is characterized by its flexibility to weigh downsides and upsides in any train of thought as nothing is neither entirely true nor false. Too much optimism often blinds one and too much negativity often initiates a radical change for the better. The philosophical issue at stake here is the following: Do we really need to go through states of blindness and radical changes? Since our physical reality implies that perfection doesn’t exists, the focus on limiting as much as possible their occurrence should remain a priority at all time as it would make us happier as a result.

Relationships are an extension of the Self. Emotions are holographic. Crises happen when the thinking sticks to old or rigid paradigms preventing Awareness from expanding, causing not only collective but individual history to repeat themselves. Consequences are often quite harmful. By adaptation to change it is meant coming to term with what it is that cannot be changed or finding a compromise. So when a Mind continually seeks and welcomes new approaches, it can rightfully be assumed that such a Mind is in a state of Self-Love, and of course has more Free Will. After all, the only Free Will that exists is the willingness to notice or not. Being humans also implies that perfection cannot be attained but knowing about such Mechanisms, greatly improves the quality of our perceptions of the Whole and is thus enhancing inner and world peace.

Most people in a romantic relationship do not achieve Self-Love but rather seek a confirmation of their own subjective reality whereas Self-Love is an objective state of being continually challenged by deeply polarized social frameworks. As a matter of fact, until age six or seven, children record everything they hear and see as if in hypnosis mode. Our reward based system is a program. The latter too often determines the later life and makes Self-Love appear as a fantasy steadily eroding a relationship. The lack of Objective Self Image eventually leads to the realization that Lovers appear different over time from who they were in the beginning – but in the process they will gain insight about their polarized selves and be given the opportunity to change if they want to.

In order to avoid the Lust and bondage entanglement, relationships cannot be approached with the gullibility found in movie cliches associating Sex with a miraculous band-aid formula. As a matter of fact, the more Lust at the beginning of a relationship, the more abrupt will the awakening be to the fact that it isn’t. This because Sexuality is a paradox onto itself. A Force and Power at once. With Sexuality comes easily the idea to possess one another. To remain a Force and lead to expansion, its Metaphysics must be comprehended. There is no such a thing such as an innocent little fun, unless expectations are stated clearly from the very beginning, before the first intercourse.

Booms and Busts Of Sex Lives And Why You Were Not Told This!

Most people start a therapy because of their sex lives, often after a break up, because they were never told that sexuality is sacred and have confused lust with love. Lust is a power game and the game will last while it can…

Lust is about power, think about it. And who says power, says FEAR and TAKING.   When the side effects of Lust begin to fade, the ‘intercourse blackmail’ becomes apparent and emotional roller coasters often ensue. Anything is tried to get the ‘fix’ back to square one, and very often at this stage, many will engage in some typical rejection-attraction behavior as a last hope. Such a pattern is nerve racking. Unavoidably Lust is cursed to go bust, more or less rapidly and painfully depending on the realization of what is going on and the understanding that lusty passion is a double edged sword.

As a matter of fact, many fail to comprehend what is occurring and will therefore opt to add another layer of confusion by projecting their frustrations bringing about the worse character’s traits in those involved, instead of taking responsibility and beginning to probe why the inner Fear of Being took over. However, at this stage, it is often difficult to reverse the trend, unless awareness replaces resentment and sorrow. The patterns described in this paragraph highlight the dilemma of all relationships as Sexuality is metaphysically the most powerful Force in the Universe ruled by the Absoluteness of the Oneness Principle which manifests Itself in the form of an orgasm symbolizing the Force of Creation  .

Bondage is the mere continuation of Lust going bust when not acted upon it. When one has become addicted to the ups and downs of sexual and emotional drama at the risk to lose one’ self. With bondage comes also the Fear to walk away as the loss of self-confidence erodes the willingness to restart from scratch. When the bondage is severe enough, the relationship may become sexless.

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The Paradox Of Sexuality: Self-Love Versus Hedonism


The topic of sexual Liberty is a very daunting one as each individual has his own definition about it. To sort this fractal-like equation out we ought first to ask: what is Liberty to start with? A complex question with a simple answer: Liberty is symbolized by non-coercive actions occurring between people. But since there must be a resistance for Self Awareness to expand, coercion does exist within, in the motion of the Fear of Being. The less Fear of Being, the more Liberty – or Freedom – and not only sexually but in the broad sense. To objectively know one’ Self has to remain a primary drive at all time otherwise any experience will just reawake the same dilemmas and as it often is the case, even exacerbate them. It is quite common, however, to engage in some hedonistic pursuit for a while then all of a sudden, and no matter how pleasurable the latter is, run into an dilemma demanding to requestion the very experience. This happens when Self Awareness can no longer expand due to the depletion of the inner energy flow, causing a Synchronicity Collapse, which is often perceived as the consequence of other external factors. Everything happens for a reason. Too much positive leads to its opposite – and otherwise.  That is precisely why religious dogmas vilify sexual Liberty but also foresee the possible awakening to full Awareness through  Sexuality as an even bigger menace.

These days, Hedonism seems to be everywhere because Sex always sells, and thus has fallen prey to the Left-Brained society we live in. Despite the so many ‘circles’ offering pleasure, there isn’t much Hedonism in this economic landscape but the opportunity to access a quick boost to cope with the daily routine, though one may encounter a few real Hedonists hanging out at those happenings.  Too often pairs of lovers or spouses mainly choose Hedonism because they either seek to spice up their fading intimacy (relationship could be at stake) or consider the move as authorized cheating to secure the future. If there is any materialistic aim, such as regarding Sex as an investment tool, Hedonism is not going to be fulfilling but rather used as an escape from the Fear Of Being.

Although Sexuality’s primary drive is to learn about Fear and master Self-Love, Hedonism is a path highlighting this even more. The fact is that the quest for Self-Love allows to overcome the temptation to use Sexuality as a power tool and/or be dominated by it.  The only upside is that monetized hedonistic circles   do exist to show why the mainstream attitude towards Sex has to break through its own paradigm — in order to end the monetization of Sex.

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The Paradox Of Sexuality: When Qualities And Flaws Complete One Another


Love seeks to expresses Itself in all relationships, romantic or not. Empathy, compassion and respect are Its derived motions and cannot be enforced in any way. Forcing one’s will or perceptions onto a partner or lover will just aggravate conflicts, and even possibly paving the way for a breakup. The Unconditional Now will always reveal itself, if the relationship is destined to expand, that  qualities and flaws complete one another . The lacks of one is resolved by the qualities of the other – and otherwise. A pair has to be complementary but also allow Free Will to continually challenge this complementarity . This is the only way to make any relationship last. Although The term ‘soul mate’ is kind of distortion making one fantasizes about what is perceived as the right companion to achieve Equilibrium, very few will experience this because any relationship must exhibit polar-opposite components to be able to thrive.

Being overly preoccupied with the long-term future causes more ‘left-brained’ problems in the now. This Duality is inescapable. Moreover, it teaches us to follow our passions and dreams. Seeking to control romantic moods and outcomes is what causes irrational worries. Love represents an infinite creativity always occurring in the now and goes by the Natural Law of Cause and Effect, or Synchronicity. Just like for an artist or scientist meticulously working step by step and giving a daily undivided attention to their goal with their minds. Any human being can sense or feel a state of Love but many do not know how to set it into motion because of external or/and internal coercive factors.

There is no model for Love to manifest as the Unconditional Now, although there are three possibilities. The first one is ‘spontaneous faithfulness or monogamy’ which characterizes mates organically drawn to each other. Serial monogamy is a stretched version of it and is the most widespread trend and doesn’t imply always faithfulness. The second is ‘spontaneous loving’ characterized by a polyamory lifestyle openly involving at least two – steady or not – relationships. And the third, ‘universal loving’ characterized by the choice to remain a single evolving without any kind of deep and long term bound, and which also is generally adopted by those who wish to experience long periods of time of Asceticism as their own connection to The Oneness is a constant primary drive. The word Asceticism is preferred over Abstinence as the Latter isn’t always voluntary.

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Seduction Is A Dogma Ruling The Economics of Sex


The quest for Power has been and still is pervasive in every culture however. Up to these days, civilizations have  equated Sex to Power, and this is very blatant in political   intrigues, gossip magazines, films, literature and also the  main drive behind the world sex slave trade – pedophilia included. Power exploits what it deems materialistically seductive.

 In relationships, seduction is a double edged sword and generally its aftermath exposes our weakness to have fallen for it. Seduction is never what it seems like, is always a mirage fading away when Reality eventually catches up. This occurs because seduction and passion are the best wounded ego band-aid but its effectiveness only lasts while it can as lovers cannot fix each other’s disconnect with The Oneness.  It is the failure to grasp the nature of seduction that brings back to the same outcome and disappoints, and this also holds true in all areas of life. When faced with the illusion of seduction, the monetary environment will often erase the last bit of seduction remaining and will then begin to determine The Economics of Sex within a relationship, as to whether it is worth maintaining such a status quo for the sake of so-called reasons and self-survival.  Going down this road has tremendous implications as it is the sure path toward bitterness and ultimately the debasement and loss of Free Will, all of which drives many to seek counseling .

Seduction is a form of trade that fills the void induced by a feeling of aloneness reminding that any orgasmic pursuit can never be satiated.  The more polarized is the interaction, the more exacerbated is the confrontation, which ultimately will ask to probe the Fear Of Being at the very core of the ‘take vs give’ imbalance. The effects of such a confrontation is dual. We can either choose to embrace it to resolve the dilemma or reject it. Since rejection is often the consequence of fear, the avoidance rather translates the unwillingness to really change one’s mind patterns, although it may give a sense of why things went wrong. But generally, people move on with the idea that there is a better match out there who will resolve their fear of giving or give as much in return.

The Law of Balance will always prevent that as the inner balance has to be achieved first. It is the intensity of seduction that regulates the intensity of the confrontation, hence the inner challenges that must be probed. And this is what brings the seduction phase eventually to an end. Seduction is itself dual as a motion but in our hyper materialistic society praising egos and quest for domination, seduction is a dogma ruling the Economics of Sex. Such a widespread indoctrination of emotional polarities is rather the evidence of a steady social moral decline .

Excerpt of The Laws Of Light, Emotions and Sexuality (, the forum is still quiet but feel free to sign up)

Such concepts were already debated  two thousands years ago: they are  keys to grasp the unhealthy mechanics driving societies, and as how to overcome them as well. Mainstream Psychology is on its death bed.

The Metaphysics Of ‘The One Light’ In The Perpetually Creating Universe

Why Both, Creationism And the Evolution Theory, have serious flaws? One of the most chilling and hard hitting truth delivered by a 33rd degree mason who dedicated all his life to make sure that The Mysteries would be accessible to  everybody, in order to help us take back our power of consent that has been stolen from us since the dawn of times – and whose battle takes place at a spiritual level.

I Beg to Differ with the Darwinian Theory – Manly P. Hall

@21 mins more or less | TRANSCRIPT EXCERPT
The problem with modern science is to accept: there will always be ONE  LIGHT in space through infinity of differentiation with everything that  is conceivable – or unconceivable  – to man, is part of the potential to  this ONE LIGHT . This ONE LIGHT is all and one. All as the total that  exists…  this ONE LIGHT cannot be analyzed by any of the fragments of  itself but it is the source of all fragmentation. This one Light is not only the source of all bodies but of a mind of souls and spirits and every type of differentiation that exists in space. This ONE LIGHT is  the totality of all manifestations of itself. Plus the nature of his own  identity, which is known only to Itself.

Now if we were approaching this level of thought, we probably wouldn’t  require any kind of conflict between science and religion because both would accept that neither has the full knowledge….

@31mins: the conquest of the material (aka ego) becomes the soul’s objective of Humanity

@42mins: science does not exist to create profits, nor glorify itself but the betterment of humanity… or it will destroy itself

@1:11mins: The role of religion is to learn how to use wisely and unselfishly all the skills of mankind.

This podcast makes it clear that monetarism without greed and selfishness cannot survive. Highly recommended. Every minute is worth it.


There Are Biophotons in the Brain. Is Something Light-Based Going On?

Light Biophotons in the brain?


The Sacred And Healing Power Of The Orgone Energy

Incredible! As if we were at the apogee of knowledge and the future did not exist, when science deems the  scientific method inapplicable, it calls it pseudo-science.

Orgone  is a pseudo-scientific and spiritual concept described as an esoteric  energy or hypothetical universal life force, originally proposed in the  1930s by Wilhelm Reich.  As developed by Reich’s student  Charles Kelley after Reich’s death in 1957, orgone was conceived as the  anti-entropic principle of the universe, a creative substratum in all of  nature….. Orgone was seen as a  massless, omnipresent substance, similar to luminiferous aether, but  more closely associated with living energy than with inert matter. It  could allegedly coalesce to create organization on all scales, from the  smallest microscopic units—called “bions” in orgone theory—to  macroscopic structures like organisms, clouds, or even galaxies  More at Wikipedia 

One thing is certain, reading the word ‘pseudo-science‘ should prompt anybody to dig further right away and ready him/herself to explore a(nother) rabbit hole, which is the only fashion to see through the fog of our biased and misleading educational system — which can no longer be rescued.

Wilhelm Reich was such a charlatan (well according to BigPharma) that all his work was seized by the American Food and Drug Administration, which came after Reich’s  weather orgone gun. He was jailed and most likely murdered.

As a matter of fact, Reich had worked on a cancer cure and various other holistic treatments, using his organite machine, today called “modern orgone accumulator” (picture here below)

However, the good news is that there are International Conferences on Orgonomy nonetheless take place and the last one was held in October 2013 in Italy.

But what does BigPharma do about it? Nothing, mainstream academia is still ignoring the increasing interest in Reich’ science while promoting  chemotherapy that kills more people than it helps because The Cancer Industry is Too Prosperous to Allow a Cure. Such business attitudes and crimes will continue to go on, unabated, until society accepts to get rid of monetarism.

A compilation of various clips explaining the history of Orgone & the Orgonite movement (49mins)

The Science of Orgonomy Part 1 (15mins)

Video from Fall 2009 conference of the Institute for Orgonomic Science.

William Reich’s ‘Sexual’ Energy called ‘Orgone’ – World Exposed | In other words, Reich was a brilliant scientist that soon learned that  there was this fantastic energy in the universe called orgone,a sexual  tension and energy that exists in all living things. It is attracted to  life which is why he was able to assembly orgone accumulators that were  said to have harnassed orgone. He went logically from one field of  science, from pychatriatry and health, to literally a way of curing our  own bodies with sex.

Wilhelm Reich and the Orgone Energy | 510,264 views | 10mins