The 2012 Cambridge Declaration on Animal Consciousness

What we do to Nature we also do it to ourselves.

For many scientists, the resonant mystery is no longer which animals are conscious, but which are not (, Feb 2019)

It definitely seems like a solid case for veganism and vegetarianism we have here. The article is very long and an enjoyable read, but if you are more into materials going straight to the point, you might turn impatient as the latter is formulated in a way to make forget that such a knowledge has been concealed for quite some time… millennia in this case. The writer also chooses to describe his journey among Jains and their strick ascetic lifestyle but most spiritual beliefs recommend frugal diets and vegetarianism however. It makes lots of sense considering society’s over-eating habits and obesity being so widespread . The author also endorses ‘natural selection’, which is now debunked by a thousand scientists.

Nonetheless the Truth is getting out, and when a paradigm begins to crumble down, the new one emerges from of its cracks, just like a butterfly sliding out of its chrysalis. Interestingly, a comment left by another reader goes along with our views: the essay stumbles over a problem that should be obvious, but none of us want to admit: ‘consciousness’ is merely a secular term for ‘soul’. It should be obvious just from the statements in the essay.

Academia is going through a rude awakening and the crisis will be truly unprecedented this time.

The Cambridge Declaration on Consciousness contends in 2012 — yes, 7 years ago — that Animals are conscious and should be treated as such. Now that scientists have belatedly declared that mammals, birds and many other animals are conscious, it is time for society to act (newscientist)

Did you hear anything about this in MSM by any chance since 2012? Of course not! The next technocratic threat is way more important to keep the planet in a state of fear.

Let’s be clear, this Knowledge is as old as mankind and as much as the spiritual concept of the One. That Reality represents God as His Creation, and otherwise. So all life is by definition conscious. It essentially is the foundation of Pantheism.

Pantheism is the belief that reality is identical with divinity,[1] or that all-things compose an all-encompassing, immanent god. Pantheistic concepts date back thousands of years, and pantheistic elements have been identified in various religious traditions. Pantheism was popularized in Western culture as a theology and philosophy based on the work of the 17th-century philosopher Baruch Spinoza, particularly his book Ethics.[7] A pantheistic stance was also taken in the 16th century by philosopher and cosmologist Giordano Bruno.[WIKIPEDIA]

Here again, we can see the attempts of science to keep the topic in a separate compartment, even when supported by a cosmologist at the time, as this quote above shows.

So the strict bottom line is the only thing that should only matter is: why did it take so long for such facts to be absorbed and mastered by the Consensus?

We’ve delayed centuries worth of research that would have propelled our society on the path of peace and abundance. Yes, because as soon as one grasps the implication that Life IS Consciouness, waging wars, torturing animals and pillaging Nature for profits become associated with pure folly and self-annihilation.

What we do to Nature we do to ourselves. Factory farms will not end with a whisper but a bang as the more and more people realize the horrors behind mass meat production. Behind every ecocide and chronic disease in humans, there is a bad scientific forumula. Pretty hard to deny these days with all the data available on the internet. Why has science become the nemesis of Mankind since the early Middle Ages?

This is a very important question because if we really look into it, we must admit that academia has to be rebuilt from scratch. We must let go centuries of data that have created all sorts of paradoxes — intellectual, economic and also psychological — which are taking our civilization down. We cannot fix the system, because it is deeply flawed. That’s the point we are at.

Even after Darwin demonstrated our kinship with animals, many scientists believed that the evolution of consciousness was a recent event. They thought the first mind sparked awake sometime after we split from chimps and bonobos. (

As a gentle reminder, our previous blog titled “Over 1000 ‘Scientists’ Sign “Dissent From Darwinism”, is exposing the schism currently tearing academia apart. This is huge, folks. The MSM is trying to hide this growing and irreversible trend but luckily we, at Earth Custodians, are taking notice.

You might also wish to read this quite compelling piece while you are at it: Other Minds: The Octopus, the Sea, and the Deep Origins of Consciousness

Scientists Discover Mysterious And Jaw-Dropping Brain Mechanism

Scientists suddenly witness the reality that metaphysics is no pseudoscience.

If you have been following our blog for quite a while, you have to be aware that we support the Electric Universe Theory.

The release of this “jaw-dropping moment” is just adding more value to the stance that the E-U (electric universe) is the right path to follow. This also implies that it only is a matter of time for the Big Bang, Gravity, Relativity and Anti-Matter theories to be abandoned. They will be let go quietly and without a fanfare.

To understand why “science as we know it” is on its deathbed, one has to comprehend the work of physicists making the case for a Mental Universe and Biocentrism— 2016 HuffingtonPost

In fact, this is nothing new at all. In the Antiquity, already they knew that the universe was fractal. As much as the atom is a miniature of the galaxy, and that our synapses and the cosmos share the same chharctericstic as they are connected by electric fields. (Biophotons in the Brain). Even the word “esotericism” is about to become obsolete as such stances are definitely confirmed by modern physics.

What we regard as “esoteric” today will become a rational fact tomorrow. All speculations derive from the imagination connected to a Cosmic Field.

It is, however, kind of fascinating to see how hard the mainstream tries to distance itself from what it perceives as pseudoscience while being commanded by the Unknown and its own laws.

And this brings us back to the assertion that the Universe is Intelligent. Our thinking just happens to follow the trail of Knowledge embedded in the fabric of the universe.

‘Jaw-dropping moment’: Scientists discover mysterious new communication mechanism in the brain —RT.COM Feb 2019

Despite major scientific breakthroughs, the brain largely remains a mystery, and the team from Case Western Reserve University have added to it with their latest paper on a self-propagating ‘wireless’ communication they encountered that can jump across different sections of the brain.

Neuroscientists know much less than we think about the brain, but they hope to bypass the obstacles with brain implants in order to command essential neural functions. They seek to handle the brain, like a switch, so that it will remain a mere mechanical device subjected to algrorithms.

Elon Musk is absolutely right when stating that AI is the greatest threat ever, he just won’t delve into the matter too much. Even with a brain interface, it is extremely likely that AI will still be in control.

This slow periodic activity can generate electric fields which ‘switch on’ neighboring cells briefly, allowing for chemical-free communication across gaps in the brain. The team managed to simulate communication across completely severed brain tissue while the separate pieces remained in close proximity…. “It was a jaw-dropping moment for us and for every scientist we told about this so far.” (RT.COM)

Let’s rephrase that: scientists witnessed the metaphysical component of electricity and how it interacts with brain cells— and they remained speechless for a moment. Scientists were suddenly confronted with the reality that metaphysics is no pseudoscience.

Indeed, it had to be a jaw-dropping moment!

Sexuality Is Less Important Than Freedom

As expounded in the Laws Of Light, Emotions And Sexuality, intimacy teaches self-control above all, that we cannot command anybody’s feelings, nor physically possess one another.

Sexuality is the driving Force behind the Creation of the Universe, the mating of every particle comprised within it, so any form of amorous control equates to an attempt to control the Creator, or The One. This shouldn’t come as no surprise when at some point, we begin to regard our relationship very differently, perceive the other as he or she truly is, and while waking up to the realization that controlling desire and feelings have become an emotional trap.

Mating implies the union of two Electric Polarities: Male and Female. The very expression of such a Polarity is the most acute in sexual relationships when expecting a materialistic rapport, a trade between parties Involved. Lovers experience The Cosmic Oneness during intercourse and the intense connection result into a bound but which also will have to endure the separation when becoming two again after intercourse.

When not understanding the Force that is Sexuality and its dual purpose, one generally tends to focus only of the Oneness experienced with the partner and tries to repeat it as much as possible (obsessively) to feel closer to latter. Passion and lust are therefore the negative expression of the Oneness experience as it is a behavior draining emotions, or more precisely depleting serotonin and dopamine levels on both sides.

This Oneness experience has specific rules, and when not following them, one exposes oneself to a ineluctable countdown leading to the questioning one’s primary aims, along with the discovery of a Pandora Box offering valuable life lessons, should we choose of course, to scratch the surface and look deeper into the matters.

Sex is a Creative Principle that cannot be used as an ego band aid nor obsessively. Sex without understanding the meaning of Love, and which starts with self-love, will bring about the realization that Sex rather enslaves the mind. And paradoxically this motion is at the core of any sexual obsession, hoping for a break through that won’t and cannot happen, as long as we continues to equate Sex with Freedom, and thus giving it such a tremendous importance rather makes people abuse sexual energy.

As Krishnamurti puts it, it is only when we’ll begin to address our lack of Freedom demanding all our mental energy that Sexuality will become a secondary focus and thus cease to be an lusty obsession corrupting the mind.