Surprising Benefits of Semen Retention

Men and women’s bodies are of a multi-orgasmic nature!

There is quite a lot of controversy these days regarding the benefits of frequent ejaculation vs. semen retention for men. (

Society is goal oriented when it comes down to sexuality, and this means that the “orgasm production” is paramount according to our mainstream criteria. One of the main reasons as why porn is a 100 billion dollar thriving industry. Though there is a downside, a steep downside, as time eventually tames sexual appeal. When the fantasy fades away. And quite often this may encourage cheating, promiscuity, if the intellectual bound isn’t strong enough. Bodies are traded (this for that) exposing lust as a material envy. Over time partners view one another as less desirable, also because mates or lovers begin to reveal each other’s flaws. Sexual passion is commonly draining because society teaches that to have a commitment, lovers must be a good sexual match to start with. But too often tensions arise in a relationship because the woman doesn’t really like “having sex” but expects “real love making”. The conscious element in sexuality is merely absent. X-rated movies are so misguiding in that sense.

So what is the altermative?

A real bound is not generated by “sexual action” but the mind. The upside of “semen retention” is that it allows men to master their physical reactions and choose quality over quantity. Sexual energy flow is used for a lasting and sensual seduction as intercourse is regarded as a moment of cosmic celebration. There is no rush to get “there” and bodies move at their own rhythm. Such a man knows that any woman is as multi-orgasmic as he is. As a matter of fact, “semen retention” brings about the end of the conflict between genders since a woman who is sexually fulfilled becomes much less possessive, and that means much less drama — if no more drama at all.

Semen retention improves your sex life.

For men, ejaculation and orgasm are two different things. Mastering “semen retention” helps achieve have full-body, multiple orgasms, with each one rolling into the next. It has even been reported that such orgasms can last several minutes for the man. With the right partner, such men can really develop a unique and faithful bound.

Serial monogamy is a widespread template. People move from a monogamous relationship to the next, and generally without too much questioning themselves. Even though many people would agree that sexuality is important, dysfynctional sexual relationships abound, mainly because they cannot express their own cosmic bound. The average time frame of an intercouse is between 5 and 15 minutes, and this means that many people aren’t happy about their sex lives at all. Fast sex, although exciting will appear disappointing in the long run.

Sexual gratification usually takes longer for a woman to achieve, so women need men who can wait for them to be ready. There lies the advantage to practice “semen retention”.

Nature is very clever: once in the bedroom, it is the man who has to dedicated himself to a woman’s needs, so that he can surrender himself to his own multi-orgasmic nature!

Long story short, men and women alike are multi-orgasmic and this is a secret well hidden, which we are not taught in our goal oriented society. Emotional happiness is found by learning about one’s body and overcoming one’s urges.

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How To Resolve The Cosmic Abandonment Syndrome

Before understanding the Law of Cause and Effect (aka Karma), there is a similar fact we all share and makes us all even when we go through painful processes and realizations.  There is a syndrome that not many thinkers talk about and which is the fear of being that we all inherit and experience at birth.

And there is a reason as why this fear of being, again linked to birth, is often left out by academics: simply because it would dismantle the fields of mainstream psychology/psychoanalysis, and even psychiatry. It is in the Academia’ s interest (yes and again let’s follow the money) to “occult” this approach, because more people finding out about tensions affecting their life purposes, is precisely what the Academia fears the most.

The birth trauma should be adopted as the centerpiece of social behaviors in the sense that it does explain where all the world violence comes from – and its ramification to the this very syndrome. Violence and suffering point to the latter as the prime cause. Societies exploit subliminally a pain that all people can unconsciously relate to.

As a matter of fact and this may sound paradoxical, the trauma of birth and the ensuing fear or being do exist to help us make sense of the “Cosmic Abandonment”, the detachment from the womb that we all went through at the beginning of our existence. The Universe being a giant womb and Source of all life. The fear of being thus reminds of this “Cosmic Abandonment” but also induces the counter  motion, the need for a “Cosmic Reconciliation”. Reunification with the Source. The One.

From this very perspective, it becomes also increasingly clear that peace in the world will remain difficult to achieve as long as the cause of the “Cosmic Abandonment” is not explained to kids very early in life, because the fear of being is too the very root cause of religious fundamentalismm keeping alive and the separation between spirituality and science; and resulting in a dangerous inner fragmentation that has allowed “the strings of power” to manipulate societies since ever.

Indeed, we should not expect mainstream psychology/psychoanalysis, and even philosophy, to end the status quo, otherwise they would put themselves out of business!!!

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FREE EBOOK:  The Trauma of Birth is a 1924 book by psychoanalyst Otto Rank, first published in English translation in 1929.  If this book could easily be revisited today with a metaphysical edge, it remains nonetheless an important  reference.