F While it is kind of tricky to foresee the evolution of the New Age movement at this stage, it really could go either ways. Either ways because, it is being turned into another dualistic social layer added to those already existing or could surpass itself by refusing any external coercion. More importantly we'd also keep in mind that when using this label, there isn't absolutely nothing 'new' with it as it finds its roots in Ancient Egypt; Chinese, Celtic and the Vedic symbolism; Hermeticism and Gnosticism, all of which are often referred to as 'esoteric and occult knowledge'. Rationally speaking, the terms occult and esoteric respectively mean 'hidden' and 'for the very few in the know', and thus describes as such since the rise of monotheism, this in order to deter people from learning about It. However, vilification itself is a tactic as old as Mankind, and used when the hierarchy wants to impose new codes of conduct.


The definition of being a 'new ager' is kind of flexible but the vast majority agrees with the concept of the Oneness. The main issue with the New Age movement is that it spreads concepts inspired by the Law of Attractions that are often incorrect and preaches to reject any negative thoughts invading subjective reality, hence objective reality isn't dealt with but rather associated with troubles and bad karma, in short instills Fear. And Fear is the glue without which no doctrine can hold together: one just has to meditate to attract happiness and become successful. It gives an illusion of free choice. And this represents the major pitfall of the hyped mainstream New Age movement if any, and which is reminiscent of the Hippie era, drugs being replaced with 'positive thinking'. Mainstream New Age also advocates for a collective ascension and/or extraterrestrial intervention that will save mankind and which takes away Free Will as the mindset endorses an authority or phenomenon. And this also holds true for any belief system promoting the idea of salvation by or for a group. Such a belief is 'right brained' oriented as it exploits a mystical naivete which cannot resolve any human crises but the comprehension of Reality itself, and this process starts with the formulation of real questions within to call upon critical information. A spirituality exclusively operating within the Right Brain can only perpetuate and strengthen the paradoxes arising from its interaction with the Left Brain.


Evolving in parallel of Mainstream New Age, there is an Underground trend called by Sevan Bomar among others, 'The Age of Aether', and which deserves attention as it propagates Freedom from Fear through inner understanding, one of the main tenets of Theosophy but differs from the latter in the sense that it probes and unroots the origins of 'good and evil' which Theosophists have subverted to benefit social hierarchy. There is so much to learn from Fear. How the 'fear factor' is approached may well be the sole and only fashion to determine the worthiness of any spiritual, political or philosophical train of thoughts, because it is the indoctrination of Fear which imprisons man's mind and to free the latter, the sum of all our fears will have to be internally processed and released, one individual at the time, even if this means taking a loss in the materialistic sense to ultimately restore the much needed equilibrium within every human being. The challenge we are faced with is that this release cannot be coerced in any way but must become obvious to the Self becoming aware of Consciousness as a 'Cosmic Mind' ruled by two motions or polarities: Love (empathy, compassion, selflessness etc) and Fear (hatred, selfishness, domination, etc). The Metaphysics of Sex aims to go along those lines to explain why engaging in sexual behaviors involves knowing about the ethics directly emanating from the Cosmic Mind, or Mentalism as a self existing Principle.


Although Infinite Awareness is the spiritual paramount encompassing all dimensions of 'The Whole That Is', dogmas have been unwilling to address the motion of Self-Love, which is the foundation of all peaceful behaviors, but keep alive compartmentalizations competing with one another while asserting that they all are the only and sole true path to enlightenment. Without a doubt, their most striking similarity is the teaching of individual emotional self-suppression either in favor of others sharing the same belief system, or the mind in which case emotions are regarded as inimical to spiritual development. Such multiple layers of dualistic pressure imposed on societies is tremendous as a result and surely cannot bring about any religious tolerance as long as power remains at the very heart of their stances. More is said about this in the full version of this book.


Although most have something or someone to blame for when a breakup is initiated, it is more insightful to look into the causes of imbalances. And often it will be found out that the interaction was very much uneven. What isn't necessarily either good or bad in itself though. There is nothing wrong with being measured but if this caution comes from of the 'fear of giving', it will rather morph one into a taker. Many on the brink of a break up deal with an impression of emotional abuse but will completely avoid to question their own 'fear of giving'. Emotional self-control is only positive when declining to receive accordingly in order to keep the interaction balanced. Since the Fear of Being is a deep generational stigma close to reaching a threshold, people have become extremely polarized in their ways to interact, hence have tendency to either give or take irrationally. That is where the Law Of Attraction may reveal itself deceiving because polarities respond the Law Of Balance - or Correspondence - and work in a way to void one another by confrontation in order to fuse and become One. One always attracts what has to be overcome. The more polarized is the interaction, the more exacerbated is the confrontation, which ultimately will ask to probe the Fear Of Being at the very core of the 'take vs give' imbalance. The effects of such a confrontation is dual. We can either choose to embrace it to resolve the dilemma or reject it. Since rejection is often the consequence of fear, the avoidance rather translates the unwillingness to really change one's mind patterns, although it may give a sense of why things went wrong. But generally, people move on with the idea that there is a better match out there who will resolve their fear of giving or give as much in return. The Law of Balance will always prevent that as the inner balance has to be achieved first. It is the intensity of seduction that regulates the intensity of the confrontation, hence the inner challenges that must be probed. And this is what brings the seduction phase eventually to an end. Seduction is itself dual as a motion but in our hyper materialistic society praising egos and quest for domination, seduction is a dogma ruling the Economics of Sex. Such a widespread indoctrination of emotional polarities is rather the evidence of a steady social moral decline. More is said about it in the full version under 'Social Venality'.


The quest for Power has been and still is pervasive in every culture however. Up to these days, civilizations have equated Sex to Power, and this is very blatant in political intrigues, gossip magazines, films, literature and also the main drive behind the world sex slave trade and even pedophilia. Power exploits what it deems materialistically seductive. The Empathic Currency section is recommended for further input.


In relationships, seduction is a double edged sword and generally its aftermath exposes our weakness to have fallen for it. Seduction is never what it seems like, is always a mirage fading away when Reality eventually catches up. This occurs because seduction and passion are the best wounded ego band-aid but its effectiveness only lasts while it can as lovers cannot fix each other's disconnect with The Oneness. Seduction is a form of trade that fills the void induced by a feeling of aloneness reminding that any orgasmic pursuit can never be satiated. It is the failure to grasp the nature of seduction that brings back to the same outcome and disappoints, and this also holds true in all areas of life. When faced with the illusion of seduction, the monetary environment will often erase the last bit of seduction remaining and will then begin to determine The Economics of Sex within a relationship, as to whether it is worth maintaining such a status quo for the sake of so-called reasons and self-survival. Going down this road has tremendous implications as it is the sure path toward bitterness and ultimately the debasement and loss of Free Will, all of which drives many to seek counseling. More is said about it in The Trap of Psychoanalysis.


Force and Power form a polarity which means that the difference between the two is subtle and huge at once. Power coerces and manipulates and from Force emanates self-determination. Being in a position of power always implies to have access to information that others don't. Physically, Force is self-defense and Power, aggression. Power operates within the materialistic realm whereas Force within the Awareness of all things. Force is by extension not coercible as it refers to the Mind to affirm the self. The Cosmos evokes a Force onto Itself. Power breeds emotional boom and bust cycles, and 'perpetual wars for perpetual peace'. Force is Creation. Power, Destruction. In both energies flow the characteristics of the other which only the mind can balance to avoid the conflicts arising from walking too far from the thin line in the middle. To change the course of Mankind, Force through Self-Awareness is ultimately necessary to help develop an inner strength generating selfless actions and a greater self-control. Sexuality is above all the creative affirmation of Selflessness as a Force as it is which of the Oneness. It is the failure to comprehend the nature of this Force that makes one want to repeat the passionate lust game which will not only bring about new highs but also the next series of self delusions in its wake. (to be continued)


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