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will the merging of science and spirtituality ever occur?

never, the planet is too mind controlled
perhaps, but there will be a major upheaval before that
its clearly the only way to make it, we must believe in it, no matter what
Yes, definitely but obstacles may cause WW3
Yes, more and more people are waking up, with difficulties but no major military conflicts

Author Topic: POLL: will the merging of science and spirtituality ever occur?  (Read 2167 times)

Celine K

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    • Celine K

After many hesitations between #3 and #4, I chose the first one: that's the only way to make it. Fragmentation of the human psyche is a core issue. Healing is about to do one's home work, whatever happens to Humanity. The fix has to be initiated within. We are in this impasse because it is easy to scapegoat other things as a way to ignore the true self. The collective is just pointing this out.
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